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What Is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing classes Birth With Ease™ is a completely logical and extremely effective established birth preparation programme for you and your partner that lets you discover the joy and magic of birth, and is much more than just self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

Soundly based in established anatomy, physiology and psychology, hypnobirthing classes guides you and your partner through easy-to-learn self-hypnosis techniques that allow you to enter deep states of relaxation during pregnancy and birth, resulting in shorter, more comfortable, easier labours, with less need for medical intervention or pain relief.

Hypnobirthing classes guide both you and your birthing partner through a range of deep relaxation techniques by teaching you muscle relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques to become confident, relaxed and in control of your birthing experience thereby enabling you to make informed decisions around the birth of your beautiful baby.

Hypnobirthing classes do not mean you will be in a trance or asleep. You will be able to chat and be in good spirits while being totally relaxed, yet fully in control. You will always be aware of what is happening to you, and around you.

Whether this is your first or a subsequent pregnancy, or you felt dissatisfied with a previous birthing experience, the birth of any child is a hugely emotional and rewarding experience and hypnobirthing classes will provide everything you need to know in order to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable birth.

You can still use the hypnobirthing techniques to great benefit even if you decide not to have a natural birth or if a medical intervention becomes necessary.

The comment which is constantly made by midwives is 'I couldn't believe how calm she was', and 'I've never seen such an alert, yet relaxed baby.

'Hypnobirthing classes teache you safe birth techniques in how to use relaxation, self-hypnosis, visualisation and breathing techniques so you will remain relaxed and calm during birth.

Aisling’s Holistic Approach Has Made Her Courses Increasingly Popular Since 2003 & Has A Growing List Of Moving & Positive Birthing Stories.

Where Did Hypnobirthing Come From? 

Hypnobirthing classes has been developed over the years from many leading inspirational sources, including Dr. Grantly Dick-Read and Ina May, who have over 30 years’ experience in midwifery; Katharine Graves founder of the Hypnobirthing Association; as well as parents who have openly shared how to improve upon this course that best suits the mother while working in tandem with the Irish maternity hospital system.

"Hypnobirthing classes were amazing - and my husband and I cannot thank you enough for teaching this very calm birthing method to us so very brilliantly and for guiding me through another wonderful pregnancy and birth." Rita & Anthony

Who Is Hypnobirthing Suitable For?

Hypnobirthing classes are suitable for first-time mums, mums who have had previous children and who would like a calmer, easier and more relaxed experience of birth. Whether you are relaxed about birthing, afraid of giving birth or just want to be in control of your birth experience, then this course is for you.

Hypnobirthing classes are particularly helpful for mums who are anxious about childbirth because it is their first pregnancy or for those who have had a bad experience in the past. We have lots of parents join us on their last pregnancy too, as they want a more memorable and enjoyable birthing experience.

The maternity hospitals in Dublin are very much on board with hypnobirthing and encourage parents who attend antenatal classes to also attend hypnobirthing classes so that you get the best of both experiences.

"A fantastic experience and I owe a lot of it to hypnobirthing...I was so worried that I would be the one person it wouldn't work for. It was a very surreal experience” Richard & Sharon

How Do I Know Hypnobirthing Works?

Hypnobirthing classes have been around for over 30 years, is available in most countries!

Over 1000 couples have already used my childbirth preparation programme for birth and labor and found they moved through their pregnancy week by week feeling more and more confident about childbirth.   

Whether you are:
about birthing,
want to deepen your bond with your baby
afraid of giving birth
want to be in control of your birth experience?

then hypnobirthing classes are for you. Hypnobirthing techniques work very effectively with home births, water births, hospital births and birthing centres.

Hypnobirthing is about Choices & Choosing Safely
what kind of Birth you would like
to have with your Baby!

When Should I Start Hypnobirthing Classes?

I recommend you book the training anytime from week 12 on to week 38.
It's good to get as much practice in as possible.  The earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to give yourself the opportunity to practice the simple techniques and become very familiar with them.
It is best to book as soon as you know you would like to attend, as the classes can get fully booked nearer the time.

What Is Involved In Hypnobirthing Classes?

Hypnobirthing techniques are deeply relaxing and enjoyable, providing you with support and confidence up to and beyond the birth of your baby. Your birthing partner will play a key role throughout your pregnancy and childbirth, something which is very lacking in other antenatal education classes. Through hypnobirthing classes, your partner will be able to help make your labour and delivery a loving, shared experience, making for a beautiful start to your life together with the addition of a new baby.

Course Content Overview:

Hypnosis demystified!, Hypnobirthing, How it Works, Advantages, Baby Birth Partner, Birth Stories, Birthing Culture, Vocabulary for Calm and Safe Birth, Breathing Techniques, Birthing Muscles, Mind and Body Connection and its effects on Birthing, Fear and Pain Connections, Nervous System’s role through pregnancy and birth, Relaxation techniques, Visualisation, Pelvic Floor Exercises, Nutrition, Bonding with Your Baby, Positions for Birth, Perineal Massage Graphs, Fear Release Techniques, Classic Signs of Labour, Stages of Labour, Due Date, Birth Plan, Birthing Ball, Bringing on Labour Naturally, Deepening Relaxation Techniques, Releasing of Negative Emotions, Fears and Limiting thoughts, Birth Rehearsal, Massage, Hospital List, Acupressure Points for Labour, Aromatherapy Remedies, Homeopathy Remedies, Natural Remedies, How to know when you are in pre-labour, Getting into the Zone with the 3 R’s (Relaxation, Rhythm and Routine), Birth Partners Labour Guide, Knowing when to go to hospital or call the Caregiver Midwife, and lots more relaxation techniques! (Course Content May be Subject To Change)

  • Confidence-Building Skills So That Birth Is Eagerly Anticipated
  • Relaxation Techniques, Which Will Be Of Lifelong Benefit
  • Confidently Release Fears Through Hypnosis Safely & Privately!
  • Special Breathing Techniques For Relaxation & Birthing

"I would highly recommend Aisling’s hypnobirthing classes and course. We learned to trust our bodies and our minds; we gained confidence and reassurance, to have a safe birth, which was filled with calmness, relaxation and beautiful baby bonding!"  Nora & Derek

What Should I Wear Or Bring To Hypnobirthing Classes?

There is nothing in particular that you need to bring or wear to your class. Comfortable clothes are advisable so that you can relax. We will be doing gentle visualisations and relaxations rather than any physical exercises. Please just turn up and enjoy your class.

what will I learn

What Will I Learn At Hypnobirthing?

Each hypnobirthing class will reduce your levels of fear about childbirth and give you the tools to relax, stay calm and be in control during your birth experience.
Classes are informal with a flexible structure, where you and your partner will learn simple effective breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, deep relaxation, birth positions, along with the basic physiology of childbirth and much more.

Course Overview:

  • Hypnotherapy basics
  • The birth process and its physiology
  • Visualisations and deep relaxation
  • Simple massage techniques
  • Breathing exercise
  • Building confidence through Hypnosis
  • Preparation for childbirth
  • Birth choices information
  • Perineal massage to help prepare the body for a safe birth
  • Fear-release methods to allow you to be relaxed and confident for the birth
  • Self-hypnosis inducing deep relaxation for a gentle safe birth
  • Visualisation exercises to keep you grounded, serene and positive
  • How your mind and body work together efficiently and comfortably

Discover How Hypnobirthing Can Help You Have A Natural Childbirth!
Reduced Medical Intervention, Fear, Anxiety & Pain.

Do I Need To Also Attend Antenatal Classes? 

Hypnobirthing classes have elements of antenatal, however, I do recommend during pregnancy that you also attend your antenatal classes, while you prepare for childbirth, as each maternity hospital is different and has their own policies, systems and procedures.

Antenatal classes address all conscious, rational and the analytical aspects of birthing and are about external interventions, working from the outside in, which can lead to increased levels of anxiety, leaving women feeling emotionally and psychologically unprepared for birth.

Get The Best Of Both Experiences!

Antenatal Classes Support You From The Outside In
Hypnobirthing Supports You From The Inside Out!

Hypnobirthing classes are working from the inside out and addresses beliefs, concerns, worries, fears, emotions and mental preparation, so that you are adequately prepared for birth.

 Why Is Hypnobirthing So Good?

Here are some of the things you will learn that are not covered in most antenatal classes:

  • Breathing techniques to help the birth (not the panting people think they have to do)
  • The Father is actively involved in the entire birth.
  • How to significantly reduce the need for any medication.
  • How to be confident and informed when dealing with the medical staff - when to question, what to ask...
  • How to release any fears you might have about childbirth regardless of where they come from.
  • But most importantly, you'll know how to relax and stay calm and remain in control - regardless of what's happening around you!

You'll Learn To Relax, Stay Calm, Remain In Control - Regardless Of What's Happening Around You!

What Are The Advantages Of Hypnobirthing Classes?

  • With hypnobirthing, you are likely to experience a natural, calm, comfortable childbirth.
  • Learn Simple relaxation techniques to help your body work in a more natural way
  • You will be more alert and in control of your birth rather than being out of control
  • Enhanced sleep throughout your pregnancy and reduced tiredness, fatigue during labour
  • Birthing partner plays a supporting active role in the birth of your baby
  • Promotes deeper bonding for you, your baby and childbirth partner
  • Reduce the chances of a breech birth
  • Learn deep breathing techniques for a gentle safe birth which can effectively manage pain and reduce the need for pain relief
  • Learn techniques to release endorphins to increase the natural anaesthetic of your body
  • Greatly reduces the fear-tension-pain syndrome before, during and after birth
  • Can shorten your labour time by up to 50%
  • Facilities your baby entering the world in an atmosphere of calm and gentleness
  • Reduce your need for medical interventions and surgical births
  • Less incidence of postnatal depression
  • Babies tend to feed and sleep better and are generally calmer
  • More rapid postnatal recovery

"At one of our visits to the Holles Street Domino midwives it was recommended to us that we should look into Hypnobirthing classes. As soon as I read the book I had to know more, I knew that hypnosis for childbirth was what I wanted for my baby and myself. That is when we came across Aisling and her hypnobirthing course.
I suppose the main thing we got from the Birth with Ease course was the reassurance and confidence to give birth to our beautiful child in the most relaxing way possible." Ailish & Eamon

parents learn

Can I Do Hypnobirthing?

Whether you've had a baby before or this is your first pregnancy, hypnobirthing classes can help. If you want a natural birth or decide to opt for medical pain relief, or have to have a medical intervention, you can still benefit from hypnobirthing.

Do Partners Attend Hypnobirthing Classes?

Most fathers attend the training, or in his absence your birthing partner. The father or birthing partner plays a key role during pregnancy and labour with hypnobirthing, so attendance is extremely valuable.
It's lovely if your partner does come because then he's in a position to give you the best possible support.It also strengthens your relationship, knowing that you’ve achieved this together.  It makes a difference to his relationship with your baby too, knowing that he will play a useful and positive part of how your child will enter the world.
Sometimes the father cannot attend and in many classes, there are one or two mothers who come on their own for various reasons. Hypnobirthing still works perfectly well for them, so you will always feel welcomed.

What Benefits Can I Expect From Hypnobirthing Classes?

Everyone can benefit from Hypnobirthing, be it your first, second or last pregnancy.  Although hypnobirthing does not guarantee a perfect childbirth, it always makes a difference to release fears, reduce anxiety, thereby allowing your mind and body to work as nature intended.

Hypnobirthing classes increase your confidence in your pregnancy week-by-week and in your own ability to achieve a natural gentle safe birth, reducing the need for pain relief.

The making of your baby is a partnership, the bringing up of your child is a partnership and hypnobirthing fosters partnership during the pregnancy, childbirth and beyond too.

Hypnobirthing classes help you to overcome your fears and the hypnobirthing breathing techniques and visualisations will help you achieve your positive birthing experience.

Benefits For You During Pregnancy:

Positive relaxed and enjoyable pregnancy
Feel in control during the pregnancy
Greater self-confidence and less stress
Deeper bonding with baby
Enhanced  quality sleep
81% success rate in turning breech babies 37-38 weeks
Empowered and prepared to deal with whatever path your child birthing takes

Benefits for You During Birth:

A natural, comfortable childbirth experience is much more likely
You will be alert, aware and in control
Hypnobirthing classes eliminate or greatly reduces the need for painkillers
Shortens the first stage of labour by up to 50%
Lessen the need for medical intervention with a gentle safe birth
Postnatal recovery for mother and baby is often much quicker

Your birthing partner has an active and very important role to play in the birth of your baby, which promotes the bonding process

Benefits for Your Baby:

Less stress is more calm, serene and content because you are too!
Your baby will thrive better, sleep better and develop quicker
Hypnobirthing babies experience a gentle safe birth with no trauma to recover from.
Baby will be more alert and content with good feeding patterns and sleep well
Deeper bonding that continues in a natural, easy way once the baby is born.
Higher APGAR scores, due to reduced risks

Benefits for Your Birth Partner:

Greater understanding and awareness of how the childbirth journey will be
Actively involved and supportive, which strengthens your connection
Feel a great sense of empowerment a deeper bond between all three of you
Learn breathing and relaxation techniques that will give great stress relief
Understanding what your needs are in order to help you birth instinctively
Experience practical tools and techniques to help you both during the childbirth
Learn tools to help you stay calm and focused on having a gentle safe birth.
Confidence to work with the medical team in a positive way

Finally, Something Useful For The Father To Do Too! 

What Are The Principles Of Hypnobirthing For Childbirth? 

Hypnobirthing is based on the work of Dr Grantly Dick-Read, an English physician, and whose principles are also the foundation of the National childbirth Trust (NCT).
In his book "Childbirth Without Fear", originally published in 1933, he states that:

“There is no physiological function in the body that gives rise to pain in the normal course of health. In no other animal species is the process of birth apparently associated with any suffering, pain or agony, except where pathology exists or in an unnatural state, such as captivity."

When we're afraid, our body diverts blood and oxygen from non-essential defense organs to large muscle groups in our extremities. Our face drains of blood and we are said to be 'white with fear'.

Dr Dick-Read hypothesised that the fear felt by a woman during childbirth also caused blood to be filtered away from her uterus, so it could be used by the muscles that would flee the dangerous situation. As a result, the uterus was left without oxygen and could not perform its functions efficiently or without pain.

This belief led to Dr Dick-Read's theory that fear and tension cause the labor pains in approximately 95 percent of birthing women. He termed this phenomenon "the fear-tension-pain syndrome of childbirth," and he believed that by eliminating the fear, women could return the uterus to its normal function, thereby eliminating the pain.
Probably the person accredited with the origin of the term “Hypnobirthing” is Michelle Leclaire O'Neill in1987 [www.leclairemethod.com], who authored books on the subject including "Hypnobirthing the Original Method". Her work was based partly on previous research by English obstetrician Dr Grantly Dick-Read some 50 years ago. Other people instrumental in the spread of hypnobirthing classes include Marie Mongan who founded the U.S. based HypnoBirthing Institute, Katherine Graves founder of Hypnobirthing Association based in the UK and Michel Odent who did a great deal in the 1970s to promote the cause of home birthing, and the use of birthing pools.

“Everyone kept saying to me that I was very lucky but then I'd tell them about my secret weapon “ Hypnobirthing Classes” and really if everyone used hypnobirthing they'd find that they were pretty 'lucky' too!!”  Sharon & Richard

 Hypnobirthing Research?

Research on Hypnosis for Childbirth shows that Expectation of pain is the predominant fear-factor that women experience, which actually causes excessive pain in childbirth.

Research shows that massage, touch and breathing reduce heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, relaxes muscles, improves range of motion, and Increases endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers that help guide you in birthing your baby.

Dr Grantly Dick-Read (1890-1959) a British Obstetrician, regarded as the father of ‘natural child birthing movement.
Became the first president of the UK’s Natural Childbirth Foundation (NCT).

He Hypothesised That...

“the fear felt by a woman during childbirth caused blood to be filtered away from the uterus, so it could be used by the muscles that would flee the dangerous situation. The fear & tension causes labour pains in approx. 95% of birthing women”.

Dr Dick-Read explained that by eliminating fear, a mother could return the uterus to its normal function thereby eliminating the pain.

NHS Guidelines (There are no Irish guidelines yet!)

The National Health Service (NHS) figures show that 60% of women in England have a normal delivery in a hospital and 12.5% have an unforeseen instrument delivery or 24% have C-Sections. Only 2% of deliveries in England currently take place at home.

“Women must have greater control over not just where they give birth but how they do so according to NHS Guidelines for England and Wales".  

NICE believe that the number of home births could be increased to 30%. The National Childbirth Trust estimate 60% of women can safely give birth at home.

The Royal College of Midwives insists home births are safe in the majority of circumstances.

“There is some evidence to show that for very low risk women, home birth is safer than a hospital birth and the likelihood of medical intervention is reduced”, a spokesman said.

hypnobirthing research birth with ease dublin