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Stress During Pregnancy - Need help

Stress During Pregnancy Can Be Reduced!

By preparing both mentally and physically through each trimester by taking some very simple steps, after all, we have 9 months to prepare! so its best to take action as early as possible in pregnancy in order to reduce stress and manage situations as much as is humanly possible!

Seek out childbirth preparation classes, yoga for expectant mothers, aqua aerobics through pregnancy, pilates classes , hypnobirthing classes etc...

I read an article on stress during pregnancy which may affect an unborn baby’s development in the womb, research suggests.

Scientists who boosted levels of a natural stress hormone in pregnant mice found that while it caused mothers to eat more, the transport of energy-giving glucose to the foetus was impaired.

Lead researcher Dr Owen Vaughan, from Cambridge University, said: “Together with previous work, the findings show that maternal glucocorticoids regulate foetal nutrition.

“Higher glucocorticoid hormone levels in the mother, as seen in stressful conditions, can reduce glucose transport across the placenta and lead to a decrease in foetal weight.”

In the mouse study, the scientists raised levels of the glucocorticoid hormone corticosterone at three different times during pregnancy.

The results, published in The Journal of Physiology, showed that under stress during pregnancy certain genes in the placenta were modified.

One of the altered genes, Redd1, is believed to interact with pathways within cells that regulate growth and nutrient uptake.

Dr Vaughan added: “Glucocorticoid levels in pregnant women may determine the specific combination of nutrients received by the foetus and influence the long-term metabolic health of their children as a result.

“This could have implications for women stressed during pregnancy or treated clinically with glucocorticoids, if the mechanisms are similar in humans.”

Further research may uncover drug targets that could “rescue” foetal growth when stress hormones are raised during pregnancy, said the scientists.

Source: Unknown

Birth Preparation: Recommendations

Nine months Is a journey and time for preparing both physically, mentally and emotionally, so it’s a good idea to divide It into 3 trimesters.

Trimester 1 Relaxation exercises, Cognitive Behavioural Mindfulness, Hypnosis for a relaxed pregnancy

Trimester 2 Pregnancy Yoga / Pilates, Hypnobirthing classes, Active Birth Classes, Breathing techniques

Trimester 3 Antenatal Classes, Hypnobirthing classes, Pregnancy massage, Birth Plan, Acupuncture

It is worth learning some breathing techniques as this will help you move through each stage of labour, keep you focused in the now, which in turn allows your body work its magic in bringing your baby to you!

Believe in your body’s ability to birth –It’s good to get some help along the way so that by the time your baby arrives you have all the energy and joy that you need to nurture your little one!

Ensure That You Choose Therapists Who Are Experienced In Working With Women Who Are Stressed During Pregnancy.

Aisling Killoran Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist Dublin, Providing Hypnobirthing classes and emotional support to mums and dads for over sixteen years.

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