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Self Hypnosis Birth Classes Available In Dublin

There are many Childbirth preparation classes available to prepare for the birth of your baby including antenatal classes, yoga Pilates,mindfulness and hypnobirthing which all provide alternative relaxation techniques.

Alternative birth methods are becoming more popular and hypnobirthing is becoming more recognised and even available FREE on the NHS. Many midwives are now training in this area as they get to see it on a daily basis as more and more parents,present themselves to the maternity hospitals having put in hundreds of hours in preparing for the birth of their baby by incorporating  the Use of Hypnobirthing, relaxation breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, visualisation.

Hypnobirthing Is Now Recognised With Less Skepticism From The Medical Profession.

Many parents have reported back amazing experiences that they have had in birthing their baby and some stories can be read here.The Their births are often described as a feeling of pressure and tightening and in, many cases the breathing techniques are used to reduce down the levels of pain to more than manageable! They are also mothers who have had a pain free birth.

Since i first started providing hypnobirthing classes back in 2003, it has grown steadily over the years as a result of mums spreading the word to their friends and colleagues. I have even had dads recommend to their friends in work how beneficial and empowering the whole birth experience was. Today Midwives are great advocates in supporting hypnobirthing, as they get to see the results in the delivery suites! many of them have really great births and go home quickly, which really helps with recovery.
In the UK  Some NHS trusts have begun collecting data, with Wolverhampton Trust reporting that 80% of hypnobirthing mothers have normal births with no analgesic treatments, compared with 60% of the general population who have a normal birth. A small-scale 2006 study in Australia found that women who were taught antenatal self-hypnosis techniques reported fewer epidurals (36%) than the control group (53%) and lower use of other forms of pain relief.

Check out the advantages and what you will learn about our hypnobirthing classes that are run in the Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin by Aisling Killoran who has supported and mentored over a thousand couples with over 16 years experience in teaching relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis, guided visualisation and breathing techniques.