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Hypnobirthing - what you need to know

Stay Relaxed through pregnancy and prepare for your baby’s birth
Many may think that hypnobirthing is just some hippie dippy mumbo jumbo stuff!! To be honest it’s further then the truth! It’s about getting into the relaxed and prepared zone for your baby’s birth.

We have nine months to get our head and body around giving birth and the more prepared we are both physically and mentally, then the greater chance there is of you having a relaxed safe and comfortable birth weather that ,means medical interventions, epidurals or a natural birth !

When I meet couples for the first time, I can see how anxious, stressed and worried they are and over the months, the changes are visibly positive and upbeat along with been ready and prepared to meet with their baby on the outside!

You, as parents, have enormous natural resources within yourselves which, when used effectively, can enable you to take more control of your pregnancy, pain management and the birth of your baby while striking a healthy and safe balance between medicine and nature.

Mums and dads become more confident, self-assured and empowered in knowing that they are prepared and have done the best that they can do in preparation for a stress free pregnancy and safe child birth weather that be with an epidural, C- section or a natural birth!

I’m amazed at the amount of couples who join me for hypnobirthing on baby 2, 3 or 4 and the reason is they know now, what is it that they need in order to experience the natural birth that they always wished for and knew they could do! The common thread I often hear is, “I wish I had prepared for my first birth and asked more questions, now I know what I want and I’m happy to ask for help as needed”

Whether you are relaxed about birthing, want to deepen your bond with your baby or are afraid of giving birth or just want to be in control of your birth experience, Hypnobirthing Birth With Ease™is a great system that works alongside the medical profession and embraced in the maternity hospitals in Ireland.

Hypnobirthing techniques work very effectively with home births, water births, hospital births and birthing centres. It's about choices and choosing safely what kind of birth you would like to have with your baby.

Hypnobirthing has been around for over 30 years and came to me as a result of working with a couple who were trying to conceive, became pregnant and asked me if I would work with them through their pregnancy and birth. It was an absolute pleasure to work with this couple and to follow them on their journey of giving birth in Dublin’s National Maternity Hospital.

Since then, I have helped over 1,500 couples break the cycle of fear, pain and tension through childbirth hypnobirthing courses. I use relaxation techniques, breathing methods, guided imagery, self-hypnosis and personal empowerment techniques that build confidence and inner strength for mums and dads to be.

A little bit about me!

I am passionate about helping couples through fertility issues along with preparing for as easy a pregnancy and birth as much as is humanly possible.
Having accepted that we may never conceive, we got a nice surprise to discover that after 15 years of trying to conceive, I got pregnant naturally at the age 47! Unfortunately I miscarried. Having said all this I’ve been there and out the other side and know how challenging and emotional this journey can be, along with also being able to live a fulfilling life with my husband and how this whole journey has strengthened our relationship tenfold!

My web site www.birthwithease.ie tells you what I do, why and how I do it. Mums and dads have shared many birth stories, comments and messages who have given birth using the techniques I have thought them using; hypnosis, visualization, breathing exercises and more…

Please also feel free to visit my Face book page that I have just recently launched!
Contact me with any queries you may have, or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an information pack on what Hypnobirthing is all about.
Wishing you all a great birth
Aisling Killoran