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Hypnobirthing is for any couple wishing to prepare for a relaxed, safe birth whether it be a natural birth or an assisted birth. It's even used in birth preparation for a C-section too!

What's To Be Expected At The Hypnobirthing Classes?

The hypnobirthing classes involve a mix of hypnosis, relaxation, and psycho-educational material  along with specific breathing exercises to relax enough so that you don’t need epidurals or medications which are usually given to speed up labor (and can intensify contractions).  

You too can avail of these wonderful Hypnobirthing techniques in Dublin, that are relaxing and self-empowering for both mums and dads to be!

See dates and read many birth stories from couples who have attended birth preparation classes in Dublin with me.

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I have been teaching Hypnobirthing since 2003 in Ireland and have taken over 1000 couples through a birth preparation programme that aids relaxation and reduces pain levels through mind-body relaxation and breathing exercises, helping couples experience an enjoyable and empowering birth experience.

Hypnobirthing birth preparation is well received and encouraged by the maternity Hospitals here in Ireland as a result of the positive experiences and results - birthing is quicker, there is less need for pain management and interventions, such as forceps, and women have said they feel more in control or empowered.

It amazes me the number of couples who come to hypnobirthing classes because they do not want to experience the painful birth that their friends have had along with the high level of interventions experienced, resulting in aftercare and recovery taking between three and six months.

Dear Aisling, So we had a boy the weekend before last, and I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and direction with the hypnobirthing and birth preparation - it really worked so well, and helped with a smooth delivery in Holles Street (despite his 9lbs which I was not expecting as my belly wasn't that big!)  He's a dote and so calm, and I am sure this is down to the birth.I really noticed it in the ward afterwards when so many other babies were upset and crying their heads off! and my little fella was sleeping and looked so peaceful. The breathing exercises and self hypnosis worked too! Susie and Johnaton