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Positive Birth Stories

Little Francine was born on the 06th of August. She was in no rush and I had to be induced at 42 weeks.The hypnobirthing was such a great tool and helped me get through the experience and keep calm. We had a very straightforward birth, no further interventions or epidural. I would definitely credit that to the hypnobirthing practise, it was second nature at that stage to breath deeply and take it all in my stride. F​rancine was born at sunrise, it was beautiful!

I believe the hypnobirthing allowed me to be present and really take it all in!

I was actually laughing and joking with Ti​m​ once I started pushing. Although the gas and air probably helped there too! We're so glad we did the course and will be recommending you to any of our pregnant friends.​" Lilly,Tim & Francine

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Aisling, we have had the most fantastic hypnobirthing experience of our lives. The whole labour was 2 hrs and 30 mins. By the time I realised I was in labour the surges were coming close together. We tried to time them but there was no pattern. I needed to concentrate but it was entirely manageable, much more comfortable than I had imagined.

I was not able to talk during the surges but felt confident and comfortable. I am so glad I had the hypnobirthing techniques. Anna & Vincent

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Hypnotherapy through Hypnobirthing

Aisling Just a quick note to let you know that I gave birth to a baby girl.
The hypnobirthing techniques worked very well for me during pre-labour - so much so that a mid wife commented on how calm I was when taking my pulse. My waters broke and contained meconium, so unfortunately I ended up in the antenatal ward again, but it was a far calmer experience for me this time round – the relaxation hypnobirthing techniques and hypnotherapy helped me block everything else out. Pre labour was 11 hours and I dilated in 20 mins which is a very different story to my first birth. I felt calm throughout and had a much better experience this time round, thanks to all the hypnotherapy through hypnobirthing.
I would like to thank you for all your help in showing me how to have a calmer birth story. Vicky & Shay

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Hypnotherapy For Child Birth

Dear Aisling, I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally write to you.  The last six months have absolutely flown by.  Thank God, our little man is thriving!

When I think back to my experience of the hypnotherapy experience, I realise now how lucky I was to have heard about hypnobirthing techniques and classes. It was an amazing support for not just me, but also my husband Alan.  Every other night we would go to sleep listening to the audios and we would both be off into a deep sleep in no time.  We had such a relaxing nine months and considering it was our first pregnancy, I know that was down to our use of the hypnotherapy. So our little man had a very happy, chilled nine months in the womb.

Then when it came to the big day, again I was very relaxed.  Even when my waters broke, I just rang Alan, no panic, he was working close by and he just came home and we calmly made our way over to the Rotunda.  As it turned out I had to stay in over night, because they thought there might be a little infection in the water. But come the morning and after having a night of clear waters, they were willing to let me go home again.Without having done the hypnotherapy, i wouldn't have had the confidence to ask to go home and trust my own intuition and my own body.We were only back home three or four hours when the contractions started to get closer together.  So we headed back into the hospital. 

When we arrived back in, they were surprised to see us so fast. They thought I came back in too quickly and gave me the option of going back home again, but once again I trusted my instinct and stayed and it was just as well because within an hour I was in the thick of it.I think because I was so relaxed and calm, the process all happened very quickly. In all honesty I was probably taken aback with the full contractions and struggled to keep up, so I was very glad to get gas and air and then eventually an epidural.So from beginning to end I feel Daniel, our little man had a very calm, relaxed, as easy as possible entry into the world and I put 100% down to doing the hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing techniques and classes with you Aisling.

Both Alan and I found you Aisling, warm and professional at all times.  We loved your attention to detail and no-nonsense approach.  From the very first email,the classes, audios through to the very end - the whole process.It really couldn't have been better.
I would highly recommend Aisling and hypnobirthing to anyone who is pregnant.

Thank you again Aisling - you were like our guardian angel. Shauna,Alan and baby Daniel

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Hypnobirthing Classes and Hypnotherapy Invaluable!

Hi Aisling,  Anna is doing fantastic! She's just so gorgeous, we're more in love every day.

The birth went well. I started getting contractions about 8pm on the Sunday, we went for a few walks, watched a few movies, was kinda fun really. We went into Holles st about 12 the next day for them to check me, went home and then about 11.30pm went back and they kept me in although they wouldn't call it labour yet.
I spent about 2 hours in the shower and then about 4.30am I was so exhausted I decided to get an epidural just so I could sleep! It wasn't the pain I couldn't handle, it was the sheer exhaustion.
The midwives on the domino scheme were fantastic.
As my waters hadn't broken yet they broke them and I got the epidural but it didn't work!!
Anyway once they broke my waters everything went really fast and by the time the anesthetist came back it was too late and I was ready to push! She came out in 25 mins and I didn't tear at all!
Anna was born at 7.39 on 14/1/14 weighing 7lb12oz.

Although I didn't really use the audios during the labour I found the hypnobirthing classes and hypnotherapy invaluable. Having such a long pre-labour I would have been a prime candidate for intervention had I not been in such a good head space about it. I was as relaxed as one could be in labour. I also think having attended the hypnobirthing classes with Gary allowed him to play an integral role, he was fantastic and I couldn't have done it without him. He was there helping me through contractions and reminding me to drop my shoulders and to relax and breath. he even did some hypnotherapy on me too!

I tell any pregnant people I know to do it! A really good friend in London who is about to have a baby did hypnobirthing classes over there on my recommendation and loved it too.

Rose, Gary and baby Anna

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