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I Got the Birth I had Always Wanted!

I wanted to say a big thank you and to pass on my wonderful birth story to expectant mothers to be!

I was only in labour 5 hours when my baby boy was born. and it was so quick there was no time/ no need for Pain relief..

So a totally natural birth which meant I got released from hospital the next day and able to go back to my toddler and my recovery was so quick I was out and about the day after so little strain on her routine life which was great and what I really wanted

My labour came on very quickly Sunday morning- my due date bizarrely! And the contractions were so close together after about 2 hours we went in to hospital. I took my birthing ball with me which was a life saver- it really helped me to be moving during the surges..

I also had the hypnobirthing audio on the whole time even during the pushing!

Afterwards the midwife asked me what I was listening to and she thought it was great, it had helped me stay really calm and keep telling myself I could do it..

I also found the birth preferences great the midwives really read what we gave them, even during the birth! So we didn’t have to tell them what we wanted at all, they just knew. So I got to deliver the placenta myself, no injection, which one midwife said she had never seen before! And I asked for his vitamin K ( or whatever it is they give the baby! ) to be given orally as well which they also did.

And the final thing - he was a 9LB 9OZ baby! So not small at all and I only had a little tear, so again doing the Perenial Stretches I think really helped as I’m not sure that would have been the case otherwise.

He is super chilled and has been since birth, sleeping and eating well, and I am sure a lot of that has to do with his stress free, untraumatic birth he had so again- a big thanks!!

I hope the births of the ladies in our group go as well as this and I would definitely recommend all of the tips/ tools you gave us..Keep up the good work! Marlyn, Peter and Baby Niall