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“Hi Aisling, the birth went really well… I found the hypnobirthing kept me at home for much longer, which was great. Headed into Holles St. It was only about 3 hours 20 mins before Amy arrived. The Hypnobirthing breathing techniques and audios kept me so relaxed; when it all started off at home, I felt I knew exactly what was happening with the contractions. I Used the hypnobirthing breathing right up until I was 10 cm! When it came to the pushing part, I just went along with the midwife. No epidural/ episiotomy. It also really helped me chill out from the pressures of work in the final months of pregnancy.

I am so thrilled and quite proud of myself!!!!” Karen , Mathew and Baby Amy

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Hypnobirthing Breathing

Hi Aisling, Have been meaning to get in touch! The hypnobirthing breathing was great, no epidural and dilated from 1cm to 10cm in 90 minutes! Waters broke at 1am, went home at 4am. Went back to bed, then had breakfast, started getting contractions at 8am, relaxed listened to cds and practiced breathing. We were at home until 4.30pm. Arrived at hospital at 5pm and then our baby daughter arrived at 7.41pm. It was a great experience!

Thank you so much for your assistance, have been recommending you and hypnobirthing breathing to all my expecting friends. Sharon & Michael

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Hypnobirthing Three Hour Labour!

Hi Aisling, Our beautiful baby daughter was born weighing 8 lb 9 ounces and we are absolutely delighted with her. Labour took a total time of 3 hours so I thought you might be interested to hear some feedback on how we got on.

I was overdue and booked in for an induction, whilst I had some reservations about being induced; I knew my baby was almost ready to arrive as I had been experiencing contractions for a few days prior to this. I did a good bit of hypnobirthing breathing in preparation for the birth!

These contractions I breathed through and felt I dealt with really well.  At 9.20 am on Saturday they broke my waters. (I was past the gel stage already).

Things started to happen around 15 minutes later and I started the hypnobirthing breathing through the surges with my husband supporting me all the time. We were light hearted about it in the beginning as I was delighted as I knew if this was starting already, I wouldn't need the drip which I really did not want. I listened to your conditioning audio relaxation on my iPod which kept me calm.

The birth plan was extremely important as otherwise I feel the staff would have taken over completely.  Whereas with the written plan, they consulted me more on everything they were about to do.  We went to the delivery suite after around two hours later.

I think the staff didn't know what to make of me as I was obviously in advanced labour fairly quickly, but without any pain relief whatsoever and yet not a word out of me through each surge. I just followed the hypnobirthing breathing. It was hypnotic!

After another while in the delivery suite, I wondered if I should ask for gas and air as things were getting a little tough for me. (In hindsight I know that this was the point where they say in the hypnobirthing book when you think you can't go on, birth is only around the corner). Suddenly, intuitively, I felt the need to move from my sitting position to all fours. The staff seemed a little alarmed and asked if I needed to push. I wasn't really aware at that point that I was in fact, ready to give birth. After, a minute or two I was gently pushing my little baby out.

Around 5-10 minutes later, she was born - it was 12.31 pm.  I was so happy, relieved and proud of myself. There were two students with the midwife who seemed very impressed with me too. One of them said that I would be her role model from now on!

She said I looked so peaceful and serene the whole time. She could not believe how well I used the hypnobirthing breathing techniques you showed us. Baby latched on around 20 minutes later and has been feeding really well ever since. She is an angel and is extremely easy to mind.

I'm very well and came home from the hospital the following day.

So, thank you so much for your help and I hope this feedback will be of use to your other mums to be. Warm wishes, Angela & James

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