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Hypnobirthing Prepared us for the Birth of our Baby

Aisling was recommended to us by a friend. We are so delighted we listened and attended Aisling's hypnobirthing childbirth classes in Dublin.

My husband and I both found Aisling to be knowledgeable, fun, caring and great at running the hypnobirthing childbirth classes. By the time we finished, we both felt really prepared for the birth of our baby and extremely relaxed.  It helped to feel we had lots of tools to help us through the labour.We listened to the audios frequently and found that they helped with relaxation in our everyday life.  Our labour went extremely well and we believe the hypnobirthing definitely helped.  Thank you Aisling! Kathy, Tim and baby Emily

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Aisling you have been in my thoughts for the last 7 weeks and big apologies if I write only now...Our son was born a week after our last meeting: a happy little boy who worked with me during the delivery!

Everything happened in a fast and safe manner: he was born in 2 hours and 40 minutes from beginning to end.

Many many thanks for teaching us a confident and comfortable way of giving birth to our boy. I am talking about your hypnobirthing childbirth classes to all my good friends who are in a "fertile age" and I would not be surprised if somebody will make contact with you.

Keep inspiring people with your hypnobirthing childbirth classes Aisling, as it did work for us.
(You are a good one!! :)  With many thanks  April & Harry

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I know you told me I’d be busy! My birth went remarkably well, besides some gas and air, I managed extremely well. There wasn't a peep out of me! My reward was a lovely little girl, she's as good as gold, bless her, Thank you for all your help and support. Marina & Derek

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Breathing Didnt work!

Aisling Thanks so much for the hypnobirthing childbirth classes and the turn baby turn CD. That night at about 2am I started getting little cramps, I was getting the pain in my back that you hear about, because the baby was posterior!

I felt a bit defeated as I knew posterior labours were much longer so these were pre labour pains. Tried to do my breathing as much as I could, but at around 7 am we decided to go to the hospital, When we got there I told the nurse there’s not much point in checking me cause I was sure I hadn't started to dilate.

I thought there was going to be another two days of the pain just getting worse and worse so I would have taken anything! I felt like such a wuss. The midwife then looked very surprised and told me I was 8 centimetres dilated! Crazy, I didn't even think I was in labour yet. Gave birth to a little girl an hour later at 8:50 in three pushes, five minutes or something, and I didn't tear at all.

I didn't think the breathing was working but it obviously was! I had spent all day on all fours trying to turn her around, and listened to your cd loads of times, it all worked brilliantly. If she hadn't been posterior I don't know if I would have felt anything. She turned in the end too. She’s amazing. We're so happy it happened the way we wanted. Thanks for your hypnobirthing classes.  Anna & Gerry

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