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"My husband Triston and I attended yr course last year and just wanted to give you a quick update on our little joy, baby Pete.

Pete was born on his due date, believe it or not, December 20th, 2017. My membranes ruptured at 3.40am at home naturally. Surges were far apart. Took a shower, practised breathing exercises and visualisations. Surges started coming closer together so we went to holles street at 6.30am. We were directly checked into labour suite at 7.16am and Pete was born at 8.15am. The midwives were amazing and had experience of hypnobirthing. A newly trained midwife showed Triston how to apply pressure to my lower back while on exercise ball and provided great relief. We didn't have any intervention. The birth really couldn't have gone any better.

Now we have had two very positive hypnobirthing experiences with Kim and Pete.. Thanks so much for your invaluable advice and empowerment."

Marian, Triston, Kim and Pete

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Hypnobirthing Was AMAZING!

Hypnobirthing techniques were amazing - and my husband and I cannot thank you enough for teaching this very calm birthing method to us so very brilliantly and for guiding me through another wonderful pregnancy and birth. Rita & Anthony

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"We had our little boy Bobby on August 6th. I'm delighted to say that we only used our hypnobirthing and had a completely med free birth, not even gas and air! As you an imagine the recovery was much faster this time around. I was able to go home the next morning after him being born at 22.54 pm. Thanks again Aisling and we might see you again sometime next year! :) Mary, Edward and Brian

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Just a quick email to say thank you so much for all your valuable help and experience of taking me through every stage of the
Hypnobirthing techniques. I don’t know what I would have done without the relaxation audios and breathing techniques along with all the advice and guidance for a calm birth we had that you gave me throughout our sessions. Thanks for everything. Anna & Mary

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Hi Aisling, Just to let you know that our beautiful water birth and our baby was born at home weighing in at 9lbs3oz. My waters went at 4pm and she was born (in the birthing pool which was fantastic) at 11.18pm. I had my iPod on for most of the time and found the feathery back stroking great before I was in the pool. The whole experience was as I had planned it and played hypnobirthing techniques over and over in my mind. Thank you for all the encouragement you gave me in believing in myself and my calm birthing body. Jacinta & Ronan

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Fantastic CALM Birth!

Thanks Aisling... After you sent me the turn baby turn CD I listened to it and about 30 mins later I was sitting at my laptop and felt my baby grab the walls of my womb, pulling and turning around into the correct position, it was amazing! Really amazing! I think he must have kept his hands above his head as I felt finger tips moving for the next couple of weeks.

I was able to stay completely focused and relaxed all the time, it was a fantastic calm birth. Our sons birth was drug-free which was really important to me. I had my iPod glued to my ears with your hypnobirthing audios playing nonstop! If my iPod had blown I think I would have jumped out the window! Julie our midwife told me to tell you how amazing she thought the hypnobirthing relaxation techniques were! She was very impressed! Here is to an even easier calm birth time, next time and hoping the next little baby doesn’t dive down with hands on head! Maire and Derek

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