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Hypnobirthing Breathing was much easier then i Imagined!

Aisling thank you so much for all your support and positivity through the hypnobirthing course - it certainly rubbed off on us!   
The breathing I learnt made me feel very comfortable. My husband massaged my back during the surges and this helped so much too. When the midwife arrived, the surges were constant and I felt the urge to push. I concentrated on breathing the baby down, and the childbirth techniques you thought me worked really well.

We had planned to use a birth pool, but before we knew it she was born. I felt her head with my hand and was so intent on her well being that I just concentrated very hard on my breathing and it was so much easier then I ever imagined.

I was never afraid and never in unbearable pain. We were overjoyed and in shock that it had all been so simple.
Next time I would not think twice about your hypnobirthing course and I will be back for a refresher course. Melanie & James

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I didn't feel pain, just pressure

We're delighted to attend your hypnobirthing course and tell you that our little baby girl Maeve was born on January 21st weighing 7 pound 10 & she is just perfect. My due date was the 20th, throughout that day I had mild menstrual-type cramps but nothing major. In bed at 11.30pm I felt a stronger type cramp but decided to go to sleep. I woke up at 1.30am with the first of my surges. There was no real pattern to them but some were close together. I used the breathing childbirth techniques throughout these, I found the surges so manageable that I was questioning whether they were actually real surges or not! I was attending the Midwifery Led Unit in Cavan hospital so at 5.30am we phoned the midwife to say we were on our way as the surges felt quite close together & it was a 35-minute drive.

When we arrived at the hospital I was 4cm dilated. In the Midwifery Led Unit I could move around as much as I wanted & I had the use of a pool, bean bags, birthing ball, birthing stool, bed - I used all of the childbirth techniques throughout my surges whilst using the breathing techniques & visualisations from the hypnobirthing course.
The pushing stage came at 12pm & little Maeve was born at 12.15. My waters only broke as her head was coming out.

I used no pain relief at all, I didn't feel the need as throughout it all I didn't feel pain, just pressure. For this we can only thank you. From completing the hypnobirthing course we gained so much confidence & positivity in using the childbirth techniques which made the whole labour so manageable & relaxed. We gained so much information & knowledge from your hypnobirthing course that we would not have known otherwise & it all helped us so much. We followed all the childbirth technique suggestions you provided us with in the lead up about the use of evening primrose oil, using the birthing ball, eating prunes along with practising the breathing exercises & listening to the audios. Gina, Josh and Maeve

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Hypnobirthing Gave Me STRENGTH!

Just wanted to thank you for your help last year, we had a lovely birth, I honestly never thought I could say that! Thinking about my hypnobirthing course and birth experience gives me strength even now, I felt powerful and in control, we will be eternally grateful Aisling, never stop doing what your doing because it makes such a difference at one of the most sacred events in life. Mary,Cian and Frank

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Birth Happened So Quickly!

Hello Aisling, wanted to drop you a note to say thankyou for the hypnobirthing course and that our little boy arrived safe and sound.

Many thanks for the refresher session on childbirth techniques for Hypnobirthing. Everything went wonderfully well. Surges started at 11:30 pm and all was going quite calmly when suddenly at 2am I got a gut feeling and decided we needed to go to the hospital right away.  It was just as well, whatever instinct kicked in... the hospital is a four minute drive from our house and I had two surges in the car, one in the parking lot, one in the admissions office, one in the lift, etc... Suffice to say 38 minutes is only just enough time to find a midwife and a room!  
It was a great birth and I couldn't believe it all happened so quickly.

Many thanks again for the Hypnobirthing Course.  I am recommending you and Hypnobirthing childbirth techniques to everyone I meet! Rosie & Alex

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Hypnobirthing Experience Was Positive & Relaxing

Just giving you an update on our baby! Chloe arrived on 16th January. I went into labour at home early morning, waters went in the afternoon after 2,
we went to the hospital for 3.30 and found out I was 9cm so had Chloe with us at 5.13pm. She was 6lb 13.
I managed it with the TENS machine and of course the breathing. Focusing on that kept me calm throughout and luckily it meant I was comfortable at home rather than needing the hospital. I did need an episiotomy to get her out in the end but overall a very positive birth experience. We told the midwives we were hypno birthing and they were very respectful of it. 

Just want to say thanks for all your words of wisdom and techniques. It made the pregnancy and birthing relaxing and positive. And hopefully the calmness continues into the hourly night feeds! Catherine, Bernard & Chloe