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A Different Birth Experience

Myself and my partner Peter went to Aisling knowing nothing about hypno birthing other than the fact that I wanted a different experience on my second.

I wanted to not feel pressure, and anxiety. I wanted to enjoy the first week of having a new baby.

On my first there was so much to learn! Breastfeeding, changing nappies no sleep... c section ! So this time I wanted it to be chilled.

We went to Aisling and she helped us both have the Most INCREDIBLE BIRTH experience.

In the end I had an emergency c section but non of it phased either myself and peter. We did our breathing and when the anesthetist realised we were hypno birthers he did the breathing with me!

The nurses switched from talking about pain to surges ... which actually made the experience doable.

I used the techniques now so does my partner.

I cannot thank Aisling enough. She made everything so enjoyable. And really cares. Also made my partner feel part of the experience as opposed to feeling in the way.

Highly recommend Aisling! Run to her !!
Love val Pete Mary Rae and Maude xxx