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Birth Testimonials

Aisling, we found the Hypnobirthing classes were truly invaluable in preparing for our home birth. Our daughter was indeed born at home after a smooth, non-intervention and drug-free labour. It was amazing, powerful experience. Our deep gratitude to you Aisling and your work, the Hypnobirthing classes and techniques were wonderful preparation and served me my partner and baby well during the birth. Jessica, Arina and Brendan

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Hypnobirthing Incredible Experience

"Hi Aisling , Everything is great here, Our daughter Abbey was born with an incredible birth...we were due for induction on Monday morning as she was almost 2 weeks late but she came to this world the evening before with a natural and amazing birth... Lots of preparation with audio guides and relaxation and everything went exactly as we were wishing...  I started having contractions during Saturday night and on Sunday I tried as much as possible to relax with warm bath, massage and watching Shrek!!! We were admitted in Rotunda at around 5pm and I took a warm bath there as well. When they checked on me I was already 10 cm and they had to rush me to the delivery room where Abbey was born after 5 minutes!!!

She's amazing, healthy and alert all the time. She is almost 6 months old now (where did time go?!) and each day is a surprise!
We can't thank you enough for your hypnobirthing classes, I have recommended you to some of my friends who couldn't believe my experience was so amazing! I am sending to you a couple of pics of Abbey! Hope to meet you again in future, thanks so much" Linda, Eddie and Abbey 

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Hypnobirthing Releases Fears

Dear Aisling, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful hypnobirthing classes in Dublin you facilitated. It helped us so much in my labour and enabled me to get through the birth with out any pain relief. The hypnobirthing classes helped me release all fears I was holding on to allowing me to birth at home. She was born on the 7th Nov, at 7am after 7 hours labor and weighed in at 7lb 7oz!! Thanks again. Triona & Dave

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Hypnobirthing Breathing KEY to Our Success!

Aisling our little girl arrived a few weeks early ...here's our hypnobirthing story:

Went to bed at 11pm and was up, as usual, every couple of hours to go to the loo.The only difference being that I couldn't settle back to sleep properly during the night.

I had just gotten back into bed when my waters had broken.I was pretty calm though and woke Richard. I felt no pain at all.
I got dressed, put on make-up, packed a bag. Went downstairs at 8am and I felt the first pressure low down my back - got into car - pressure was coming every 2 minutes for the duration of our drive to the hospital.

I used my hypnobirthing breathing techniques and in between was chatting and felt fine - the hypnobirthing breathing really helped and I kept thinking '3 of these breaths and the pressure will be gone' ..which it always was. We arrived at 9am I was checked on arrival and was fully dilated - and was informed very quickly that I wouldn't be getting any drugs etc… which I was very happy about - as soon as I was brought into the delivery room I was encouraged to push. Anyway, our gorgeous girl was born at 10.56am

Almost 3 hours from the time I felt the first surge and that included the drive to the hospital.

A fantastic experience and I owe a hell of a lot of it to hypnobirthing classes and techniques...I was so worried that I would be the ONE person it wouldn't work for.

I have since compared the experience with my friend who also did hypnobirthing classes and so much was similar... it was a very surreal experience...really felt like a dream and I kept asking Richard afterwards 'did that just happen?’  

The last 40 minutes was pretty intense but I don't think anyone could complain about that and again, I think that had I used my birth breathing that would have been much better.

Everyone kept saying to me that I was very lucky but then I'd tell them about my secret weapon “ Hypnobirthing” and really if everyone used hypnobirthing they'd find that they were pretty 'lucky' too!! Thanks a million Aisling, Richard & Sharon  

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