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Hypnobirthing Birth Filled Me With Confidence

I would highly recommend Aisling’s Hypnobirthing classes to lots of expectant Mums! Why shouldn’t Mums and Dads be excited and looking forward to welcoming their little ones to the world instead of being anxious and nervous. It will be fantastic when the day comes when every expectant Mum can have a hypnobirthing birth.

We learned to trust our bodies and our minds; we gained confidence and reassurance, to have a safe birth, which was filled with calmness, relaxation and beautiful baby bonding! Nora & Derek

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Hypnobirthing Gave Me STRENGTH to Stay CALM!

"I had a natural birth with no epidural. Through hypnobirthing I was able to stay at home until I was 2cm dilated and the only reason I went into hospital is because both mam and my sister had their babies very quickly so I was worried I would go quick like them. I woke at 3am with contractions did a meditation and went back to sleep until after 6am. I stayed very calm and together during labour and it was all down to hypnobirthing.
I will absolutely be doing hypnobirthing classes again on our next baby. I am recommending it to anyone planning a baby or pregnant. Hypnobirthing gave me the strength to stay calm, and collected as well as mental stamina I needed to deliver my baby safely. Thank you Aisling - Tammy & Noel" Kildare

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Hypnobirthing - I wasn't afraid!

An update on my birth story experience, thankfully it's a positive one!! I had our baby girl Haley a week early, she was 7lbs 3oz and was born vaginally with no epidural or medical interventions. Your Hypnobirthing class was super and everything you said throughout hit home for me when I went into labour. I started to get cramping pains at 7.15am and I wasn't sure if they were just regular pregnancy pains. They progressed and I started to do as you suggested in class. I would hover over a chair or a table and shake my bottom from side to side. As the pains got progressively worse I was on the yoga mat or leaning on the fit ball doing deep breathing exercises. All of the techniques you gave us to create space for the baby and your different stretches I used also. It was all very relaxed and I wasn't afraid at all.

I phoned the coombe and they told me I was not near where I needed to be to be in established labour so I waited at home. Things started to progress very rapidly. I ended up ignoring their advice as my body told me it was time to head to the hospital and if they sent me home so be it. When I got in I told them I needed to push and they told me I was fully dilated and sent me straight to the delivery suite where I had Haley in less than 40 minutes. Thankfully I didn't stay at home.

Haley fed straight away after birth and after nearly two hours of bonding I was able to have a shower and head down to my room. I had no idea it would happen so quickly. My experience was the pain is manageable if you have the right tools and mind-set and trust your body. I understand everybody is different. Bart delivered the baby with the midwife and we had delayed cord clamping. We forgot to get Bart to cut the cord with the excitement. They told me at one stage that if I didn't deliver her they would need to intervene and do an episiotomy. I told them there was no way they were going to cut me and they said I would have a tear which I was fine with. I ended up with a first degree tear and a graze from where Haley’s hand caught me.

As an expectant mum, your Hypnobirthing classes really gave me the education to call out what I wanted and had I informed about the whole birthing process.

The hospital loved me as it was all very simple for them I was literally in and out. I just wanted to say thanks again for everything Aisling. I hope your current and future Hypnobirthing class attendees have as positive an experience as I had.

Thanks Again, Natalie, Bart and Haley

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Hypnobirthing Recommended

Hi Aisling, just to let you know that Cormac and I welcomed our baby girl into the world on New Years Eve 2013 - she was 8.8 pounds. We had a great birth with no interventions (not even gas and air!); no tearing and we were done in 2 hours after first examination. The acupressure points were AMAZING too. I credit it all to hypnobirthing classes and will be vigorously recommending you to all my pregnant friends for years to come! Emma & Cormac Dublin

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