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Hypnosis for Childbirth

I attended two hypnotherapy sessions with Aisling, one prior to conception and one in early pregnancy. I thought they were so beneficial I signed up for Aisling's hypnobirthing course in preparation for a positive birthing experience. To say I had an AMAZING birthing experience is an understatement. I truly believe hypnobirthing helped me achieve the birth I wished for. Aisling is great to work with, the classes were all at once fun and engaging, relaxing and informative. They put me in such a positive headspace, I loved being pregnant and was looking forward to the birth and with a bit of preparation, had the birthing experience I had hoped for. I am now the proud mother of a beautiful eight-week old baby boy who is such a placid baby, I'm sure as a result of his calm transition into this world. Roslyn & Niall

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Wellbeing from listening to Hypnobirthing audios

Our son Ross was born on Oct 28th. The first 6 or so weeks were tough going, I've never known tiredness like it!! It's much better now though, he's almost 12 weeks and is a very smiley baby!
I'm very glad that I took your hypnobirthing classes as I feel it was definitely beneficial to me. At the first class you asked us what our biggest fears were around the birth. Mine were being in hospital and losing control. Both of these I had to face in October! To prepare for the birth I listened to the affirmations tracks twice a day on the bus going in and out of work and I listened to the hypnobirthing in the evenings almost every day. I got a great sense of wellbeing from listening to the tracks. I also put on the sleep soundtrack when pregnancy insomnia kicked in! I also practiced my breathing and pelvic floor exercises as we discussed in class...this definitely paid off!!  Sue & Pete and baby Ross

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